The leading technology for selling new-build homes on-line

The Smart Show Homes™ virtual tour solution is designed to give the new-build house buyer a complete visitor experience, showcasing each new property in its ''real'' environment before a brick is laid.

Visitors can take the interactive virtual tour from wherever they are and on any internet connected device (e.g. smartphone, tablet). Thanks to the fine detail and accuracy of the tour, prospective homebuyers are reassured and ready to make earlier buying decisions. Increased buyer confidence generates better-qualified sales leads for the housing developer, saving precious time and resources.

Our leading technologies

From your architect's plans, we build exact 360° computer-generated models of each house type, including both furnished and unfurnished interiors, to the highest technical specifications.

We then build a state-of-art 3D model of the entire development, using full topographical detail, drones, geo-location hotspots and extensive on-site 360° photography. The houses are then placed in their customised plots to create uniquely "true-to-life" representation.

House in VR glasses

Our proprietary Real View and Real Sun systems ensure that the homebuyer can look out of each window to see the real view, and can appreciate the actual real daylight levels within the virtual house at a given point in time.

Homebuyers can navigate the whole development and go into each and every house, using a familiar "Google Maps" style interface. The homebuyer chooses their location in the housing development and can jump into to other locations as they require. They can also pull back to get a 360° bird's eye view of the entire virtual development within its real surroundings.

In addition, each property features a "doll's house" view of the layout and floor plans, as your buyers would expect.

Full Virtual Reality experience

For those who choose to go one step further in the tour, every Smart Show Homes™ house and development can also be appreciated by the homebuyer through a completely immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. Nothing else can get the buyer closer to their new-build home, before move-in day. All that is needed is an internet connected device and a set of VR goggles.

User in VR glasses