Market insight through data intelligence

In today's digital marketplace, housebuilders lag behind other industries in reaching online customers and exploiting data intelligence.

Smart Show Homes™ is the only virtual tour solution that provides the housing developer with real-time invaluable market data. As visitors navigate the tour, our embedded ‘smart tags’ send data back to the integrated smart dashboard. The house builder and sales team can manage all live sales listings, change listing details and get real-time reporting on user behaviour.

Buyer interest diagram

Valuable foresight for the housebuilder

For the first time, the housing developer has revolutionary market insight into the homebuyer’s property search habits, so can at last make informed decisions based on real statistics, not guesswork. Understanding what buyers are looking for can influence many parts of the housebuilder's business, from fine tuning individual house pricing and marketing strategy, to planning for future developments.

Buyer interest diagram