List on Rightmove and connect to social media platforms

The Smart Show Homes™ virtual tour revolutionizes the selling of new-build homes online. 93% of all homebuyers use the internet to search for property*, so to connect you with more customers, Smart Show Homes allows you to create premium sales listings for Rightmove, post directly to social media and track campaign success in real time.

As all your properties appear directly on the online marketplace, your buyers are only ever one click away from discovering their new home via the virtual tour.

The Smart Show Homes™ tour can be taken 24/7 on any device and is accessed via the internet, so once it goes live, the tour can be taken from anywhere in the world.

This makes Smart Show Homes™ a versatile, indispensable and time-saving tool for the housebuilder's sales team or estate agent.

*SOURCE: Statista - based on a 2018 survey

Tablet and smartphone with advertisement of home

Improved point-of-sale experience

To go one step further, all Smart Show Homes™ virtual tours are fully VR (Virtual Reality) enabled, so providing the visitor has VR goggles, they can also have a completely immersive 3D experience from home. It is also possible for the housebuilder or estate agent to provide point-of-sale VR equipment (VR goggles, smartphone and a comfortable seat) for homebuyers that want to appreciate the virtual reality tour at its fullest.

This considerably levels the playing field with pre-existing older homes. Buyers no longer need imagination – the work really is done for them! This is represents an important leap for the new-build market, given that 53% of homebuyers would not currently consider a newbuild home*

*SOURCE: Home Builders Federation (HBF), Why Buy New? Home Buyer intentions and opinion’s, survey 2016 (Survey of 2000 people across UK)

Tablet and smartphone with advertisement of home